Welcome to the Promentors Blog


Promentors is an Erasmus+ three-year project that aims to expand the successful MIT models (Multiplayer Induction Team) that was developed in the PROTEACH ERASMUS+ project. The MIT models will serve as a basis for a new model of training for mentors that is carried out by teacher-training academic colleges in Israel.

The project started almost 2 years ago aiming to Improve the quality of teacher-training in Israel through an efficient and sustainable mentoring system based on best EU practices.

The goal of this blog is to share additional personal points of view with the professional community worldwide and to encourage a wealthy discussion in between regarding the importance of the mentoring process in the academy and in the field.

I would like to invite all of our project partners and others from the professional community to contribute to this important blog and to share your personal thoughts and experience. In addition, feel free to share the blog’s contents with your friends and colleagues!

Those who would like to contribute to the blog, please send us your materials to: shadia@macam.ac.il and I will be glad to publish it.

Shadia Sbait,

Promentors’ coordination team!

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