Dissemination and exploitation plan

In this document we present PROMENTORS’ approach to dissemination and exploitation of the program’s results, the obligations of visibility in the dissemination…

Development of quality plan

The present plan describes the internal and external quality control of the project. The internal quality control will be coordinated…


The criteria form part of Work package WP3 and WP4 and will be used both for the external evaluation of…

Syllabus of Mentors’ Course in MIT 2020-2021

This document presents the Syllabi developed for the pilot stage of Mentors’ course in MIT during the year 2020-2021. Each…

Reporting Work Package No. 3 from Hemdat HaDarom College

A two-part report about the MIT model, that’s being run in Hemdat HaDarom college. First it will display the technical…

English Syllabus Rishon LeZion MIT

A mentoring course for experienced teachers, which takes place in MIT’s campus in Rishon LeZion, Israel. The entire practice takes…

Report on the Mentoring System of Romania

A detailed report on the Romanian mentoring system prepared by the team of Bucharest University.

Mentoring in the Exeter Model of ITE

How does the Graduate School of Education, University of Exter understand what it means to be a mentor in the context of initial teacher education.

Peer-Group Mentoring System Description

Detailed description of the Finnish Model of Peer-Group Mentoring written by Promentors partner, University of Jyväskylä

Report on mentoring at John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin and in Poland

Report on the Polish mentoring systems presented by Promentors partners at John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin.

The Perception of Mentoring in Israel

The Ministry of Education’s mentoring model is a dyadic model based on a partnership between a novice teacher and an experienced mentor teacher.

Comparative Report of Mentoring Models

This document focuses on five mentoring models that were reviewed by four teams; Exeter University , Lublin University , Jyväskylä University and and the team of Kaye College in Israel.