PMB Promentors International Meeting


The Israeli and European partners of the Erasmus + Promentors project had an opportunity to have a virtual meeting to learn and plan together for a two day meeting on September 12th and 14th, 2022. On September 12th, after greetings and a bit of mingling, the partners learned about the Ministry of Education future plans for mentoring by Irit Sarig, the ministry official responsible for mentoring. The partners learned of the decision to make a shift in how mentoring is perceived and how it is implemented as a way to advance professionally and the details of the mentors’ role, process, responsibilities and salary aspects. The second half of the first day was an opportunity to discuss in small groups and then in the plenary the main issues of mentoring in Israel, the place of Academia in mentor training and the continued accreditation of mentoring courses at the graduate level.

During the second day, on September 14th, 2022, the session began with an overview given by partners who presented at the ECER Conference in Yerevan, Armenia convened in August 2022. The day continued with a presentation of the plans for a book on the Proteach and Promentors projects which focused on the goals of the book and the direction of the proposals submitted and chapters to be written. In addition, there was an overview of the International Mofet conference which will be convened in June 2023.   The final session of the day focused on the upcoming dissemination trip of the European partners in Israel which will include 2 day visits of the European partners in the colleges and schools to learn first hand about mentoring in Israel. The third day of the visit will be devoted to PMB of the project and the forth day of their visit will include a conference about mentoring with guests and expert speakers, as well as partners’ presentations. 

The two days were informative, focused and important for the future impact of the Promentors project. 

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