Promentors Sessions- The 8th International Conference on Teacher Education Passion and Professionalism in Teacher Education June 26-27, 2023, Tel- Aviv


The Mofet Institute convened the 8 th international conference focusing on
teacher education. It was an excellent opportunity to learn from experts from
around the world, as well as from Israel.
The Promentors project was a main focus of the conference with two sessions
specific to the development, implementation, research and influence the
project has had in teacher mentoring in Israel.
In the first session, led by Professor Haya Kaplan, the team from Kaye
College began by presenting a qualitative study based on a case study of the
MIT intervention program, and the Autonomy-Supportive Mentoring model as
led and implemented by Kaye College. The team from Levinsky- Wingate
college continued with their study focusing on perceptions of teachers who
participated in joint courses for mentors, interns and beginning teachers in a
municipal MIT during 2020-2022. The third presentation was given by Hemdat
College study of the perceptions of mentors in the cooperative model. Al-
Qasemi College concluded the first Promentors session with a zoom-in look at
one elementary school’s practical tools for successful induction.
The second Promentors session began with an overview of Promentors by Dr.
Dalia Emanuel and continued with a presentation based on the Promentors’
mentoring models as a catalyst for a paradigm change in the practices and
process of practical training of preservice student- teachers, given by Talpiot
College. Kibbutzim College then gave an overview of their study aimed to
assess the contribution of participation in professional training to the mentors'
professional development. The next presentation, given by Promentors MIT
facilitators from three colleges, focused on cooperative research to find out if
MIT facilitators’ participation in the MITS can be associated with their
professional development. Sakhnin College then gave an overview of their
study of the social-emotional differences in professional identity between
interns according to workshop type. The final presentation was a pre- ordinate
evaluation of the mentor-teacher courses as part of master’s degree
accreditation at Beit Berl College.
In addition, the Promentors Israeli partners met during lunch to summarize the
project as it comes to its conclusion, discuss accomplishments, plans for the
future and say farewell or until we meet again.

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