Promentors at #Erasmus+ Days 2020


Erasmus + hosted a meeting introducing the Promentors project and Stagkal Internship website.  Dr. Rhonda Sofer from Gordon College presented an overview of the Promentors Project Consortium that deals with implementing new training models for mentors based on the training the Israeli partners receive from our European partners and the extensive research and development done among the Israeli partners.. The program is based on Multi-Player Induction Teams (MITs) model of in-school learning communities during the initial stages of teaching, incorporating all stakeholders which include mentors. Both overall and specific objectives of the project were presented. 


Dr. Judy Goldberg from Talpiot College presented the Stazkal Internship Website for Novice Teachers and their Mentors in their Internship Year. The site was initiated as an answer to the information overload and stress felt by interns during the first year of teaching. The site is user-friendly and accessible on all devices. It includes separate sections with tabs for each partner in internship- principals, kindergarten teachers, novice teachers, and mentors. The different stages are given step by step on a one-page graphic organizer. The user clicks on the relevant stage where all information of that stage, including the process, forms, links, and explanations can be found. Over 250, 000 people have used the site. The research has shown that is accessible, easy to use and helps to deal with emotional issues related to coping instead of technical aspects. One aspect that was shown to be needed was a focus on the mentor process, mentor and mentee relationship and mentor professional development. The “Home for the Mentor” section has been added to the site. The Promentors program has become a partner in the goal to develop and disseminate nationally and globally the Stazkal site and assist in the development of the “Home for Mentors”.

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