Promentors – PMB e-meeting March 17-18, 2021


The Promentors partners from Europe and Israel convened for a two-day PMB e-meeting on March 17th and 18th, 2021. The meeting focused on the project’s work and accomplishments until the present and the plans for the continuation of the project in the future.

The first day began with greetings by Professor Chen Schecter, the head of the Mofet Institute. Dr. Reuma De-Groot continued by giving an overview of the partners’ development of the work packages and mentors’ courses and the work of the coordination team. The session continued with brief and informative overviews of what has been done and what is planned for the future of the work packages by the members of each package. The day continued with several of the Israeli colleges sharing insights and key moments in the mentors’ courses at their colleges. Following these presentations, models of accreditation for mentors’ courses, as part of M.A. degrees, were discussed by the Finnish and British partners, an Israeli pilot model was presented by Dr. Haya Kaplan of Kaye College and Dr. Dalia Imanuel- Noi, from the Ministry of Education and Beit Berl, gave an overview of the goals, issues, challenges and processes of accreditation in Israel. Following this, Hemdat HaDarom and Talpiot Colleges put a spotlight on events and insights from mentor courses. The final presentation of the first day focused on dissemination and exploitation of the Promentors’ project.

The second day of the PMB e- meeting began with a presentation of the Polish model of mentoring, KUL, Community Model of Teacher Mentoring, including new developments, especially the universal learning design for mentoring. The day continued with Talpiot College’s presentation of the Home of the Mentors (part of the Stagkal website), which is a site that focuses on both practical and pedagogical aspects of mentoring. This continued with a discussion of dissemination of the platform both in Israel and internationally and how to advance that international use and contributions of the site. After this presentation and discussion, the Mofet team and Promentor partners presented the research being done and other possible research options, including discussions in breakout rooms about joint research. The session continued with a presentation and main points and round table discussions about the strengths and weaknesses of the implementation planand syllabi led by the Romania, Polish partners, Levinsky College and Beit Berl. The PMB meeting concluded with a managerial overview by Raul and a summary of the two days and plans for the future given by Reuma.

The two-day PMB e-Meeting was an intensive, informative, and important stage in the process of the Promentors project by reflecting on what has been done and look to the future.

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